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Breeder of  Top Quality Champion Olde English Bulldogge & Rare colored akc english bulldogs  Located in Northeast Ohio.


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The Northstar Kennel .Providing only the best Old English Bulldogge & Cane Corsos  puppies in the U.S. and World-Wide (Located  in akron, ohio )

Welcome to the Northstar Kennel , breeder of  "olde english bulldogge" rare colored akc English bulldogs as well as French bulldogs. We are a relatively small  but growing kennel , located in northeast , ohio  We are a caring, reput ble breeder.All of our pups coming with a 18 month health warranty and current on all vaccines.

We breed our bulldogs for many quality traits, mainly temperament, size and color.We stumbled across olde bulldogges almost on accident. But now that we have ventured into the world of the olde english bulldog, im very excited to see what the future hold for us.We spare no expense with regards to providing care for our babies. As well as finding and using the best bulldog dogs in the world for our program .

With that said-I do aim to turn a profit, as a matter of principle and habit, but the fact remains my time would be better spent elsewhere if money was the primary motivation; that’s been proven. That’s why I don’t need dogs to pay my bills, just theirs. At the end of the day, I breed to satisfy my needs, my passion, or my curiosity first. I’ve usually got my eye on a litter for what I want. I am out, first and foremost, to create dogs that are up to my standards and serve my needs and wants. And though I see no shame in providing a service to others, that is secondary.

Nor are the dogs my surrogate children, family, or friends; I have humans to fill all those roles. And though I grow quite fond of some dogs, I believe that can be a liability to a breeder. I try not to let my heart cloud my vision too much; easier said than done, but necessary just the same, and something I look for in a breeder when I’m buying. 


As time passes, I will come to posses better and better examples of the breeds I choose, because I’m willing and able to search the world in pursuit of them, and constantly looking to breed better ones. And because I don’t confuse my dogs for people, I’ll always be improving the quality of what’s here.

The perspective is long term; I plan on breeding for the duration. Hopefully, I will have accomplished something by then, and one or more of my many children will be interested in continuing on what’s been built. As anyone that knows me can tell you, breeding is more a less a way of life around here. Be it an abiding respect for natural laws or a fascination with genetics,  I will breed.None of my animals have ever shown human aggression, nor would we tolerate any dog to be human aggressive. We are a big family with lots of little ones. We do not support nor condone, and we strictly discourage they use of our olde bulldogs or cane corsos for any illegal bulldogs.Please contact us for more information using our contact page.  Our dogs are family raised.

Look around,hope you enjoy!

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